Training Videos

The following training videos are among those used by our faculty in equipping the students at the School of the Sons of the Prophets for the work of the ministry.  If you lack experience in the things of the Spirit, we recommend beginning with the “101″-level classes before moving to the “102″-level and so forth.  Simply click on the name of the course in order to summon the video viewer.  We hope that you will take the time to benefit from these Spirit-anointed media in order to deepen your walk and equip you to be a more effective laborer in the harvest field.

This video demonstrates how, in the Christian home, children are meant to be reared, not by human parenting, but by the mighty power of God, equipping them to go “gung-ho crazy” for Christ!  As people consider the true purpose of marriage in the Act of Bedding 101, this training videos is a good reminder, exemplifying the importance of raising up the offspring of the act of bedding in the nurture and admonition of the Lord according to the Word.

This video is one part of a series of videos which depicts the power of what Dr. Cartwright calls “cut-throat evangelism.”  In this video you will learn one of the many falsehoods upon which the Islamic religion is founded.  The implications of this information is devastating to Mohammed’s reputation as a “prophet” of God.  If you wish to view the whole series you may watch it by clicking on the Islamic Mark of the Beast which happens to be the Greek number 666:

 Islamic Mark of the Beast




This Devil-inspired video exemplifies the threat of invasion and takeover by the foreign, liturgical religiosity of Eastern Orthodoxy which purports to be the one, holy church of Christ maintaining the fulness of the apostolic faith in an unbroken line of belief and practice from the time of the apostles until now.  Brother Nick Papadopoulos, who was saved out of the religiosity of Greek Orthodoxy, critiques the claims of this false documentary as he leads this class to equip believers to storm the bastion of Eastern Orthodox religiosity and win souls over from their form of dead religiosity denying the power thereof to a living, vibrant, personal relationship with God based on the Word in the supernatural power of the Holy Ghost with signs following.

This training video shows how the power of the Holy Ghost functions in humiliating the ego and liberating the id from the ego, superego, the natural mind, and the fleshly nature through possession of the corporal members of the body of the saints.  It demonstrates the joy of full yieldedness to the power of God.

EVANGELISM 101        

This marvelous training video demonstrates how to use the lowly banana to prove the existence of the Creator God to atheists.  Brother Ray Comfort along with Brother Kirk Cameron demonstrate how the banana is the atheist’s nightmare.         

 EVANGELISM 204       

This training video demonstrates how to respond to defiant, godless, abusive atheists when you’re attempting to witness to them.  Also demonstrates the pitiful, loveless condition of a hardened sinner.        

   EVANGELISM 205      

This precious, young brother in the Lord from one of our sister churches, shares quite a number of effective tactics in bringing sodomites to Christ.  With the rise of sodomy in the U.S. and around the globe and the blanket condoning of this abomination, our Witnessing 205 class is geared toward calling sin what it is and applying the righteous judgment of the Mosaic Law in order to make sinners feel guilty, pained, and terrified of eternal hellfire.  Only then will they come to Christ.  We must bear in mind to always keep our tactics within the limits of the laws of the land and city ordinances.        


This precious training video features apostate Suzanne Hinn, ex-wife of Brother Benny Hinn as she teaches on following the leading of the Holy Ghost.  While Ms. Hinn has since turned her back on God and rejected the Word forbidding divorce through her willful disobedience to the Word, her teaching as recorded in this video is fully in line with the Word of God and the Power of the Holy Ghost.  It deserves to be viewed and used as a model for ministry because at the moment this video was made, Ms. Hinn was functioning under the anointing of the Holy Ghost as discerned by the responsive congregation to which she was ministering.        


This video, used in our Holy-Ghost Baptism 101 class, from its very start, demonstrates how all the various members of the Body work together to draw a man living on the street into the spiritual hospital of the church, starting with the appeal of anointed worship music, the assertiveness of Holy-Ghost-led ushers who escort him straight into the “operating room” of the altar where he is given liberty to express holy sentiments arising within him and also receive a supernatural, Holy-Ghost Baptism through the laying on of hands and spiritual instruction.        


This training video focuses specifically on how to lift revival into the realms of higher education.  Precious Sister Cindy Provolone donated this video of the prayer for revival which she offered when called upon to pray at her college graduation.  The video is used in the course to demonstrate how Sister Provolone was completely obedient to the sweet wooings of the Spirit and exemplifies the steps necessary for you as a man or woman of God to yield to the complete and utter takeover of the Spirit in a very intimate, spiritually explicit manner in such formal settings as weddings, funerals, and college graduations.        


This video demonstrates how to flow in the full liberty of the Holy Ghost through obedience to the Spirit’s promptings.  The showers of the Toronto Blessing were filmed as they fell on a little church in Boston, and though originally filmed in Boston, this video came into the possession of the School of the Sons of the Prophets here at Faith Confession Tabernacle from a copy sent to Sister S.G.R.W. Jackson from Brother Bereznikov, Pastor of one of our sister churches in Moscow.   We show here only a few snippets of the full length video of that Holy-Ghost-led service in Boston.        


This training video features some of the signs of revival to be expected by ministers who are willing to get crazy as a loon in following the leading of the Holy Ghost.  The importance of providing the full freedom of the Spirit in your services is stressed throughout the video and throughout the course.  By watching this video we are reminded of the deeper work of the Spirit of healing which takes place on the level of the Id as well as of the humiliating power of the Spirit which operates on the Ego and Superego, bringing about true liberty in the Holy Ghost which bypasses the natural mind.        


This video helps kindle a vision in the hearts of those who long to see the move of God among our teenage youth.  The manifestation of the Holy Ghost visible in this video is not for the eyes of the novice, the unlearned, or the unbeliever.  Would to God all of our young people could be touched so mightily so as to put the natural mind aside and move on into the deep things of the Spirit.        

HOLY GHOST YOGA 203        

In this training video you will hear the voice of Brother Pete Pandian as he shows us how to give directives in tongues to the spirit-man of class members as he works closely with Sister S.G.R.W. Jackson in the leading of Holy Ghost Yoga.  The spontaneity of Holy Ghost Yoga is visible in the video and the beauty of it is that there is no end to the possibilities, as it functions under the complete freedom of the Holy Ghost without the constraints of the flesh or natural mind.        


This training video demonstrates how the Spirit of Laughter inherited from Barney Bowers the Clown is passed on through the belly.  It also shows how yieldedness to the Spirit of Laughter unties the Spirit of God to speak through believers to bring a spiritual message through the gift of prophecy to those who are flowing in the Spirit of Laughter.  The transmission of the infection of Holy Ghost laughter is the primary focus of this video in its use in our Laughing in the Spirit 102 course, but the video is so rich that there is so much more to be learned from its viewing.        


This training video from our Love Channel 102 class demonstrates three important formulas to be applied as we learn to channel the love of Jesus in the face of persecution.  Evangelist Brother Pat Robertson demonstrates the importance of (1) loving the sinner while hating the sin, (2) speaking the truth while functioning in love, and (3) being wise as serpents and harmless as doves.  In the class, we examine Brother Robertson’s manner of handling the epitome of abomination, Homosex, in the spirit of love and compassion while also maintaining the righteous standards of God’s law which says, “The soul that sinneth it shall die.” 


Brother Jedidijah Jaspers ministers to the sick to decrease their faith in the natural and increase their faith in the spiritual.  He models for the Holy-Ghost-led minister the importance of re-orienting the faith of the sick toward the Great Physician rather than toward the sometimes lecherous, man-made medical establishment.  He also stresses the importance of humor and laughing in opening oneself up to the healing power of God.        


In this video Prophetess Juanita Bynum demonstrates some of the principles needed to lose your mind to the Spirit of intercession in order to bring supernatural prosperity and revival on the national level.  Stress is laid upon the importance of the minister and various ministerial skills which will support those under your ministry to relinquish their faculties to the power of the Holy Ghost. 


This special training video demonstrates several tools available to the minister as he offers those under his ministry the opportunity to sow their financial seed in order to reap a harvest of blessing.  Special emphasis is given to cooperative teamwork in calling for an offering, the importance of music ministry, the power of public, pastoral rebuke, and the importance of stirring up the fear of God among believers who are about to reach into their pocketbook. 


This beginner’s training video demonstrates some of the initial phases of learning to fly in the Spirit through grounded flight simulation while under the power.  It also shows how the Spirit-led minister is to minister to the spiritual babe who is trying to stretch his spiritual wings for his first flight through the heavenlies. 


This training video demonstrates how to use the fleece of Gideon while also stressing the importance of the widow’s mite as a spiritual seed to bring prosperity into the lives of those under your ministry.  In this video, we also learn the importance of exemplifying the prosperity of God in our own lives, not only in our manner of dress, hairstyle, or material possessions, but also on the even more subtle level of our body language.        


This humble video with its problematic audio, used in our Releasing Your Faith 202 course, features Evangelist Brother Robert Tilton who demonstrates how “the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force.”  The video shows both the willful aggression necessary to receive a breakthrough at times while also balancing the aggression with the importance of yielding to the flow of the Spirit.  Ultimately, what is gained is a better sense of when to hold back and when to let go as you minister in the overflow.  (Unfortunately, there’s a lot of static in the background of this video, but try to listen to the message of Brother Tilton and observe his persuasive manner and spiritual tactics of ministry.)        


This training video is used solely for purposes of observation in our Serpent Handling 101 course.  The actual act of functioning under the anointing to take up serpents is not implemented until Serpent Handling 204.  Serpent Handling 101 stresses the importance of knowing your Enemy with special focus on the reptilian brain and the eclipsing of both the right and left hemispheres of the human brain under the anointing of the Holy Ghost and the fire baptism of the limbic system.        


This training video demonstrates some of the basic essentials needed for you to begin your ministry of slaying others under the power of God.  Watch it and see if you can identify some of the important elements for slaying others as demonstrated by Evangelist Brother Benny Hinn.

SLAY LINE 306        

This precious training video is so full of the power of God that 19 of our students in the School of the Sons of the prophets were slain under the power of God as they watched it.  We recommend either sitting down or standing with a soft mattress behind you as you watch this video.  In it Evangelist Brother Benny Hinn demonstrates how to operate under the anointing to slay the multitudes in the Spirit.  This video is truly a treasurehouse of skill-building for the minister who wishes to have a greater manifestation of the power of God in his ministry.        


This video demonstrates how you, as a man or woman of God, can attain to the heights of supernatural prosperity in your own life and ministry and do so without shame or apology as on of the King’s Kids.        


This video, featuring Sister Goodwin and Sister Billye Brim as they service Brother Kenneth Copeland in the Spirit, is used to train the students of the School of the Sons of the Prophets how to flow in the gift of the interpretation of tongues.  Special emphasis is laid upon using tongues & interpretation to provide spiritual guidance to individual members of the Body.        


In this video, Brother Robert Tiltion demonstrates the initial baby-talk in tongues which can often occur with beginners.  He also reveals that even in the stage of baby-talk in tongues, you’re still open to receiving the interpretation.  Brother Tilton interprets his tongue in a simple manner showing us that it’s not so much what is said that is important as it is how it is said.

TONGUE TALK 102        

This short but to-the-point video demonstrates the power of talking in another tongue as it is used to wage warfare on demonic spirits and exercise the spiritual authority of the believer in the earth today in order to bring healing and deliverance to the multitudes.  Sister Sigourney Biddlestone was willing to share this video of her own release of the language of her spirit-man in her combat against the forces of evil.        


This training video, entitled, tongue-in-cheek, as the “Infamous Oral Roberts Sex Tape,” features the anointed man of God, evangelist Brother Oral Roberts, functioning in the Word of Wisdom as he warns the students at Oral Roberts University of the dangers of losing their mind to the flesh through unnatural, abominable acts and encourages them to lose their mind to the Spirit in supernatural acts.  The visual aspect of the video has been altered to filter out otherwise fleshly distractions of the natural mind in order to assist the viewer to focus more fully on the spiritual message coming, not through the physical aspect of Brother Roberts, but rather through the Word of God issuing forth from him.