Spiritual Guidance Through Tongues & Interpretation

       Are you going through a crucial time in your life when you just need a fresh message from on high?  You’ve come to the right place.  But before you access the spiritual guidance made available to you you need to prepare yourself to receive the answer by first asking your question. 

        We recommend that you take a brief moment to right down a specific question regarding your need.  It’s important that you write it down so that when you receive the answer, you’ll be able to interpret the message as an answer to your question.  The more specific the question, the more clarity you will receive in the answer.

        After you’ve written down your question, we ask you to make a one-time contribution of $5 (one dollar commemorating each of the five-fold ministries of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher) using Paypal to help support this anointed website by clicking on the offering plate below.  Once you click on the offering plate, you will be taken to Paypal where you can sow your life-giving seed through the secure service of Paypal.  After sowing your precious seed, you will be given access to another page where you will be able to reap the harvest of your seed sown by receiving a word of spiritual guidance through tongues & interpretation at critical junctures in your life.  We recommend, not overusing this T & I webpage for guidance.  Rather, use it sparingly when you feel you absolutely must receive a word in a moment of dire need.  Otherwise, you may end up taking it for granted and be led into the error of the Wicked One.

        Once you have access to the harvest reaping page, after sowing your seed, you will see an icon of a flaming tongue.  Click on it and you will receive a message in tongues in response to your specific question, followed by an interpretation given to you by a certified prayer warrior or someone with a certificate of prophetic ministry from the School of the Sons of the Prophets at Faith Confession Tabernacle.  You will only hear this message once, so be sure to listen carefully for the interpretation following  the  tongue  because  that  will  be  your  word  of  spiritual  guidance  in  answer  to  your  question.[1] 

       Do not click on the flaming tongue again which demonstrates either a lack of faith or your own inattentiveness to the answer you have already received.  If you click again on the tongue, you will be led into spiritual error for not receiving the first message in faith.  Don’t give place to the Devil.  Take the first word you receive seriously and do not transgress by clicking again or you will receive a message which is not relevant to your circumstances.  Spiritual discretion is absolutely essential in receiving a true word from the Lord and you must be willing to rest content with the first answer you receive.  You may access the site again whenever another question arises in which you need crucial spiritual guidance.  Do not treat this site as a daily horoscope or you will be led into Satanic delusion.  Always remember, give to God and God will give to you.


 Sowing pathway to Spiritual Guidance Harvest


[1] Bob Dinkins Ministries is not responsible for the manner in which you choose to respond to your word of spiritual guidance or any damages or personal harm which may result from the improper application of this guidance.  All guidance is expressly for the benefit of the recipient rather than his or her detriment or injury.  Apply this guidance wisely since he who has himself as a spiritual guide is being guided by a fool.