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  • Alex Mentis:

    It is with great joy that I submit the initial message on this page…a message of godspeed and blessing upon Bob Dinkins Ministries as we reach out to those jaded on all forms of communally-structured spirituality due to their experience with televangelists, Bible-thumpers, sensationalism, and spontaneous gobbledygook. May this site be like an elixir of joy poured upon the wounded heart of the burned-out Pentecostal, Charismatic, Cynic, or unmoved skeptic. Amen.

  • S.G.R.W. Jackson:

    Amen, Alex! Hallelujah! It’s so great to be a part of this last-days move of God! Praise God!

  • Pastor Dick Sutkof:

    When Dr. Bob is returned to us, I know he’ll be so pleased with all the work that’s been done on here to get the message out. Glory!

  • Wankford McNutt:

    John Paulk’s “coming out” is simply another confirmation of the veracity of Pastor Dinkins’ prophetic anointing as seen in “Seventy Prophetic Quatrains from the Third Heaven.”

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