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The "Rosetta Stone" of the Angelic Tongue of Yeekoro

For your spiritual instruction and edification, we include several time-tested and informative articles from two periodic publications of Feema Press, Feema Life and Glossarrhea Review.

In addition to these articles tested and approved by Bob Dinkins Ministries, we also include a Spirit-anointed search engine prepared with the laying on of hands and the prayer of faith for the strengthening of your spirit-man.  Nevertheless, we advise that, should you proceed to the “Holy Ghost Anointed Search Engine,” you take the time to read this cautionary word about online research by Dr. Avery Simpleton, an instructor at the School of the Sons of      the Prophets.

“A Word of Wisdom about Online Research” by Avery Simpleton, Ph.D.

Articles from Feema Life

Articles from Glossarrhea Review