The School of the Sons of the Prophets

Jesus Laughing in the Spirit

Jesus Laughing in the Spirit

       To prepare believers for ministry, FCT offers in-depth, practical, Bible-based training at the School of the Sons of the Prophets.  On July 2,  1989, Dr. Brother Bob Dinkins, together with Brother Dick Sutkof, Sister Tamara Pinkerton, B.S., and Sister Serintha G. Jackson, B.A., announced the establishment of the School of the Sons of the Prophets at the Sunday morning worship service at Faith Confession Tabernacle.  The following week at the first, annual End-Time Prophecy Conference, Dr. Bob invited Brother  Avery Simpleton, Ph.D., Brother Pete Pandian, and Brother Ezekiel T. Abernathy III to join with Brother Sutkof, Sister Pinkerton, and Sister Jackson as the founding staff of the school.  Dr. Simpleton and Brother Pandian felt the leading of the Lord in Dr. Bob’s offer and graciously accepted.  Brother Abernathy also felt the leading of the Lord and agreed to be an adjunct teacher on endtimes prophecy for the school.

       Since that time, the number of faculty for the school has grown.  Brother Wilbur Cartwright, M.A., joined the faculty in September of 1996, followed by Brother Wankford McNutt in September of 1998, Rabbi Mordechai Lemsley Goldberg, D.Div., as an additional adjunct instructor, in September of 2003.  Last year, the newest addition to the faculty, Sister Tyranny Powers, M.F.T., came on board, providing greater ethnic diversity, and bringing the number of faculty members up to ten.

School of the Sons of the Prophets Course Catalog       The School of the Sons of the Prophets currently has an enrollment of 266 full-time students and 318 part-timers.  Classes continue to meet at Faith Confession Tabernacle, however, there is a vision among the School Board members and FCT staff to house the school at another location in Burbank sometime in the future, if Jesus tarries.  The School offers more than 125 different courses and grants eleven different certificates of training.  Samples of some of the training videos employed in our classes are featured for free viewing under “Spiritual Guidance” on the Bob Dinkins Ministries homepage.

            The Application for Admission is also available in the SSP Course Catalog.  For more information, consult the course catalog or email the church secretary, Sister Ophelia Coppernickel, at  You may also reach Sister Coppernickel aFCT church office