The Proposed “Menses Amendment”

to the Constitution of the United States of America


          Faith Confession Tabernacle supports the Menses Amendment.  Ever since the State of Ohio memorialized Congress on November 3, 2004 to propose the “Menses Amendment” to the Constitution of the United States of America, the Spirit-filled believers of Faith Confession Tabernacle have zealously supported it.  Sister Tamarijah Lucinda Pinkerton (whom Dr. Dinkins named, through a word of knowledge, “the Living Urim and Thummim” for our generation) and Sister Serintha Gwendolyn Rashonda Wendolyn Jackson  of the Jacksonian Institute of Biblical Law, Government and National Prosperity have both given several prophecies and tongues and interpretations supporting the Menses Amendment and identifying it as a key linchpin in the great, Last-Day Revival that’s currently sweeping the earth.

          Sister S.G.R.W. Jackson delivered a gut-wrenching plea in the Spirit to support the Menses Amendment.  The tongues she gave were gripping, guttural, and growling and the interpretation was explosive.  The Holy Ghost spoke through her, saying,

Wake up! Sound the alarm! Shout, yea, shout it in the streets! Abomination! Abomination! saith the Lord. O the uncleanness of those who work their iniquity in the dark places of the earth. Yea, their acts are acts of blood. Violence is in their intercourse. For too long My church hath sat idly by and winked at the abomination of blood knowledge. Are ye not grieved, my People? Doth not the loathsomeness of blood knowledge cause Me to bring up vomit and have the urge to spew this nation out of my mouth? And unless you, My people, stand up for righteousness… Unless you, my Beloved Ones, sound the alarm and shout it in the streets and call this nation to repentance for their abominations, I will spew both you and them out of my mouth, saith the Lord.

          One of the most momentous prophecies given by Sister T.L. Pinkerton regarding the Menses Amendment came last July during a Women’s Prayer Breakfast.  The Holy Ghost said,

Shake off the blood. Knock on the door. Write on the wall. Slip in the Word. Go bananas for my Word in this hour! Don the robe of sanctification and touch not the unclean thing, saith the Lord. O ye women of the Lord, why art thou joined unto thy soulmate in the season of thy sickness? Yea, verily, thy blood be upon him and thy children in the filthiness of the vile flesh and the naughtiness of a corrupt fountain. Why? O why do you keep on going toward the destruction of the rebellious? Will lust rule you and bind his member in your uncleanness? Shall you be pressured to sin because of the urgency of the flesh? Shake off the yoke! saith God. Abstain from blood, saith the Lord! Shall thy bed float in the rottenness of the filthy rags of an issue of blood? Shall not the bloody seed bring pestilence upon this nation? Yea, even hurricanes and floods, and murders, and drought! Turn from it, ye women of the Lord. Devote yourself to Me in the time of thy issuance and be free, yea free! Yay yo free! …(tongues)…free in the liberty of holiness saith the Lord Papa God Almighty!

           We hope you will support the propagation of the Menses Amendment as we push to have this Amendment put on the national ballot.  In obedience to the prophetic words given by Sister Pinkerton, Sister Jackson, and other anointed men and women of God, we pray that you will back up this move for righteousness with your prayers, your witnessing, your leg-work in going door-to-door, and your pocketbook.  We know that God is behind the Menses Amendment because it accords with His Holy Word.  We also know that you will be richly blessed with the prosperity of abundant living if you will step out in faith and support the Menses Amendment.