History of Faith Confession Tabernacle

Faith Confession Tabernacle (Exterior)            In Spring of 1979, Pastor Bob W. Dinkins left the dead religiosity of demoninationalism and man-made tradition, and founded this new work of God, calling it “Faith Confession Tabernacle of the Mercy Seat of God,” based on a revelation he had received in visionary form back in 1972.  Ever since then, Faith Confession Tabernacle has continued to bear fruit in the harvest of souls and currently our Sunday morning service at FCT generally has, on average, about 2,400 people in attendance.

            Faith Confession Tabernacle traces its spiritual lineage from the Holy-Ghost-Filled, Apostolic Church through various spiritual moves of God throughout history as are visible in the flow chart of the Spiritual Ancestry of Faith Confession Tabernacle.   While Faith Confession Tabernacle does not subscribe to all of the various doctrines espoused by these groups, it does lay claim to the common spiritual thread of Holy-Ghost revelatory leading that does appear to characterize all of these spiritual movements.  As noted by the lightning flash depicted next to each of them, FCT receives particular spiritual heritage from and is especially associated with the Anointed, Apostolic Church, the Montanists, the Bogomils, the Pentecostals, and the non-denominational, Holy-Ghost-Led Church of true faithfulness. 

            A clear statement of our fundamental beliefs can be seen in the Statement of Essential Truths as well as in the Spiritual Constitution and Faith Pledge of Faith Confession Tabernacle.  We here at FCT lay particular emphasis upon the supernatural gifts of the Holy Ghost and the importance of tapping into the revelation of God.  Spiritual experience takes precedent over doctrinal teaching.  As Dr. Dinkins has stated, “It’d be a crying shame for a member of Faith Confession Tabernacle to know a set of doctrinal dogmas and never come into the full knowledge of God.”  That’s why every service here at FCT ends in an altar call.  We believe in the salvation of souls, the divine healing and health of bodies, deliverance from demonic strongholds, material prosperity, signs, wonders, and prophetic direction, and in taking hold of our new, resurrection body by faith.

            Faith Confession Tabernacle, from its very inception, has been on the cutting edge of the move of God.  Dr. Dinkins was instrumental in restoring the Mercy Seat back to the church after a long line of spiritual restorations beginning with the restoration of the altar of justification throughFCT Auditorium the instrumentality of Martin Luther.  As you listen to Dr. Dinkins’ online messages, you will grow in your understanding of the role that Faith Confession Tabernacle plays in the grand scheme of the church age.

            To ensure your sanctification and growth in the knowledge of God, Faith Confession Tabernacle offers over 100 life-changing Cell Groups to our members.  Our goal is to turn baby Christians into mature, spiritual adults able to handle the meat of the Word.  We hope to offer again soon the weekly Xanadu Deeper Life meeting and the Zenith Christianity cell group when Dr. Brother Bob Dinkins returns from his sabbatical.  In the meantime, we have other cell groups that will help strengthen your spirit-man and bring you into the deeper things of God.

            The ministerial training organ of Faith Confession Tabernacle is the School of the Sons of the Prophets, led by Prophetess T.L. Pinkerton, Prophetess S.G.R.W. Jackson, Brother Pete Pandian, and other gifted men and women of God as the Spirit leads.  Our annual End-Time Prophecy Conference held every July is attended by anointed men and women of God from all over the globe.  We also have a yearly Holy Land Tour led by Pastor Dick Sutkof which tours such sites as Gordon’s Calvary and the Garden tomb which were revealed by Holy-Ghost revelation knowledge to be the actual sites of the crucificixion of Jesus and the resurrection of Christ rather than the traditional sites purported by carnal churchianity.

            Though independent from the structure of Faith Confession Tabernacle, you won’t want to miss the various publications put out by Feema Press, founded by Dr. Brother Bob Dinkins in 1989.  You’ll find these publications under “Feema Press” on the Bob Dinkins Ministries homepage.  We hope you’ll take advantage of these deep artesians of Holy Ghost revelation.

            From 2004 on, Faith Confession Tabernacle has been a supporter of the Menses Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  Although the Enemy is currently attacking our tax exempt status, the leadership of FCT insists that we will stand strong in our support of the Menses Amendment and we are not alone in regard to this labor.  All of our sister churces here in the U.S. stand in support of the Menses Amendment along with us.

            Although Dr. Dinkins is currently on sabbatical, he remains, in the Spirit, the precious pastor of Faith Confession Tabernacle.  In his temporary physical absence, FCT is under the spiritual, joint sub-leadership of Associate Pastor Dick Sutkof, Prophetess T.L. Pinkerton, and Prophetess S.G.R.W. Jackson.  The many recorded sermons of Dr. Brother Bob remain the deepest source of spiritual edification and revelation knowledge available, thus far, to the members of Faith Confession Tabernacle.  You’ll find some of Dr. Brother Bob’s sermons under “Spiritual Guidance” on the Bob Dinkins Ministries homepage.