Cell Groups


Faith Confession Tabernacle also offers a wide range of cell groups for the interests of you and the members of your family.  Choose the groups best suited to each of your spiritual needs and giftings.  Call the Church office for the details of each group.

Afro-Christian Brotherhoodexploring your black roots of history and spirituality.  Meets Thursdays at 7 pm in the Africa Room here at Faith Confession Tabernacle.

Angel-Watchers’ SocietyTired of bird-watching?  Come see the wonders of super-nature every Friday night at 7:00.  Call the church office for the projected meeting place as forecast by resident Prophetess, the living Urim and Thummim in our midst, Sister Tamarijah Lucinda Pinkerton.

Body Ministry Groupsseveral of these groups are available for practical experience in giving and receiving ministry through the exorcise of spiritual giftings.  Adults only.  See Brother Pete Massengill for details.

Cult Bustersgain knowledge and practical experience in bringing cult members to Christ.  Covers Mormons, JW’s, Eternal Securists, Christian Scientists, Episcopals, Calvinists, Moonies, Catholics, Reformed Jews, Buddhists, Eastern Orthodox, Unitarians, and other non-Biblical groups.  Tuesdays, 7pm, Fellowship Hall.

Cut a Rug for JesusLet your hair down, feel the rhythm of pop Christian praise and worship, and lose control in the Lord.  Thursdays 8pm, Church Basement.

Dating “Jesus-Style”Teens only!  Learn how to follow the promptings of the Spirit in your search for a mate.  Thursdays 6pm, Classroom 12-B.

Demon-Oppressed AnonymousFeeling oppressed by spiritual wickedness in high places?  Come and share your struggles and receive freedom and deliverance through the spiritual weapons of our warfare.  Tuesdays, 7pm, Receiving Room.

Eager BeaversAges four through twelve.  This is door-to-door evangelism—kid’s style!!!  (Kids must have written approval signed by parents.)  See Brother Les Baughman for more details.

Faith Builders—Physically handicapped?  This weekly meeting will teach you the principles of how to raise your faith-level in order to receive the needed breakthrough for your healing, Fridays, 5pm, Receiving Room.

Fasters for Fitter Figures (a.k.a. “Triple F”)Overweight?  Learn how to skim off that fat through the God-given plan of fasting.  Self-paced. Faster’s Learning Packet only $20.  Contact Sister Tyranny Hopkins at the church office.

Fifth Dimension ImagingLearn how to fulfill your needs and godly desires through faith visualization and “calling those things that are not as though they were.”  Saturdays, 11am, Receiving Room.

Fresh Chance GangFor Divorcees Only!  Meet God’s choice for you serendipitously through a weekly hodge-podge of ice-breakers and Christian parlor games.  Come prayed up!  Thursdays 6:30pm, Classroom 6-A.

Gay Ex-Gay GangExperience the gaiety and joys of ex-gayness together with other ex-gays and hermaphrodites in this co-ed, discovery class led by Jacky Hoffman.  Tuesdays, 7pm, Choir Room.

Hispanic Bible Studiespara todos los que hablan espanol.  Estudie las gran doctrinas de la Biblia y aprenda a funcionar en los dones del Espiritu.  Hable con Teresa Sanchez para los detalles en la oficina de la iglesia.  (We have over fifty of these cell groups for hispanics.)

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Housewives’ UnionHousewives!  Feel useless and unappreciated?  Drop the mop, cast off the apron, and come bind together with us in learning the power of unity over your Bible and a cup of coffee (or juice).  Remember, you are somebody!  Thursdays, 10am, Church Parlor.

Jocks for JesusJocks only!  Play and witness at the same time.  Mondays, 6pm, meet at Parking, Level A, near the elevator.

Kindred KinLearn the secrets of Christian family living from our resident, Word-Based Counselor, Brother Cog Mancini, Tuesdays, 7pm Classroom 2-A.

Loners’ FellowshipCome be alone together in the Presence of the Lord in this roomy, dimly-lit, no-pressure setting where you watch videos, pray individually, and follow private promptings of the Spirit without expecting anything from others.  No talking necessary! However, talking is allowed.

Manhood MendersFor Men Only!  Discover what it means to be a real man.  Come bind together, cry together, hug, minister to one another, and restore your lost sense of manhood through the sweet wooings of the Spirit.  Mon., 7 pm, Church Basement.

Men’s Prayer BreakfastCome join us in spiritual warfare for the nation.  Thursdays, 6:00 am, at Egg Heaven, Vine and Sunset.

Menses Amendment Task LeagueFulfill part of your stewardship responsibility by becoming politically involved.  Find out which area of involvement interests you most as we work together to bring the laws of this land more in accord with the Word of God by laboring for the Menses Amendment.  Mon., 7 pm, Receiving Room.

Nucular Bible PartiesWe have established over 150 of these home, Bible study, cell groups.  We strongly encourage all of our members to be involved in one of these groups (in addition to any other groups you may be involved in) as part of your stewardship to God.  Like it says in the Word, “Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together as is the manner of some…”  (Hebrews 10:25).  Spanish speakers, see “Hispanic Bible Studies” to fulfill your stewardship responsibility.

One AccordExperience Pentecost on a weekly basis here in the Upper Room at Faith Confession Tabernacle at 7:00 every Friday night.  Get filled, re-filled, and re-re-filled with the Holy Ghost in old-time, Pentecostal fashion.

ProLife ProtestorsCome pray, picket, preach, and protect the unborn at one of the many abortion clinics here in L.A.  Remember, Psalm 137, which condones the stoning of innocent, Babylonian babies, was written by godless, backslidden Jews, and not by the Holy Ghost.  Rightly divide that verse from the Word and come join us in the fight against Moloch.  Jesus is Lord!  Call Sister Jennifer Billings at the church office for more details.

Prophecy Buffslearn how to read the daily news in light of the Word of God.  Discover the intricacies of Bible prophecy.  Map out the future using God’s time-table.  Work in groups to discover the time-line of God’s hidden agenda as set forth in the Word. Escape the tribulation!  Scare the “hell” out of loved ones.  Saturdays, 2pm, Church Parlor.

Quacks for ChristFor doctors, dentists, and chiropractors only!  This fellowship for the medical professional is geared toward encouraging the practice of healing according to the principles of the Word of God and setting up a core group for mutual edification among physicians.  Be on the FCT Golf Team!  Call the church office for details.

Recovering CatholicsBreak free from your past traumas, man-made traditions, and Catholic guilt through a time of fellowship and sharing around the Word.  Eastern Orthodox and Episcopals are also welcome.  Tuesdays, 7pm, Classroom 5-A.

Republicans for JesusSee the Church Bulletin for the time and place of the monthly meeting.  Bring America back to God!

Romancing the CornerstoneFor married couples only!  All others need not come.  Learn the secrets of divine romance as set forth in Leviticus, the Song of Solomon, Hosea, Philemon, and the book of Revelations!  Restore your marriage!  Rejuvenate your love life!  Saturdays, 6pm, Receiving Room.

Society of Singles (a.k.a. “S.O.S.”)meet other single believers searching for fulfillment through various fun-filled activities!  Thursdays, 7pm, Church Parlor.

Tongues Intercessory Team—Become part of the backbone of our church!  Join with others in corporate edification through joint prayer in tongues on behalf of the Lord’s vineyard.

UpsurgeExperience Papa God’s healing oil of joy and be thrilled with Holy-Ghost laughter under the ministries of Dr. Brother Bob, Brother Pete Pandian, Sister Tamarijah Lucinda Pinkerton (our living Urim & Thummim), and Sister Serintha Gwendolyn Rashonda Wendolyn Jackson of the Jacksonian Institute of Spiritual  Warfare.  Wednesdays, 7pm, Main Auditorium.

Vow Increase PrinciplesLearn the principles of Bible Prosperity and miracle living every Wednesday night at 7:00 in the Church Parlor.

Wham! Bam!  Praise the Lamb!Discipleship Club for spiritually- minded teens with Brother Dick Sutkof as the chief overseer.  Wednesdays, 6pm, Fellowship Hall.

White Collar Christiansfellowship group for professionals only.  Call the church office for details.

Women’s Prayer PatrolFor  Women Only!  This intercessory prayer group binds together to hold up pressing concerns of our church and its members before the throne.  Plug into life on the Vine!  Thursdays, 12pm, Receiving Room.

Working Women’s Associationfellowship with other women who have been called to work outside of hearth and home.  Saturdays, 1pm, Fellowship Hall.

Wounded Sheep GroupFeeling wounded in the household of your friends?  Come receive ministry and spiritual counsel.  Let fellow wounded sheep lick your wounds in the Spirit.  Come share your burdens and let others take your load.  Fridays, 7pm, Church Basement.

Xanadu Deeper Lifelearn the principles of entering into the Feema flow of the Holy Ghost under the ministry of Dr. Brother Bob.  Thursdays, 7 pm, in the Main Auditorium.  (This class has been temporarily suspended.)

Yeshua’s Yeshivalearn to live like a Jewish Christian.  Get back to the Jewish roots of New Testament Christianity through the experience of Jewish dance, Jewish feast days, Sabbath observance, and temple symbolism.  Also be part of Y.Y.’s annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem.  See Glen Brown for details.

Youth for Christ MilitantFaith Confession Tabernacle’s main youth group under the powerful command of Brother Dick Sutkof, Saturdays, 1pm, Church Gymnasium.

Zenith ChristianityDr. Brother Bob reveals fresh principles on how to reach your full potential as a son of God.  Be part of God’s Last-Day Army in victory over death!  Reserved seating.  (This class has been temporarily suspended.)

Please note that Dr. Bob is currently on sabbatical,

but we trust he will return soon.  Meanwhile, Brother Sutkof,

Sister Pinkerton, and Sister Jackson are ministering in his room.

God bless you, Dr. Bob!

For more information call the church office at

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