Annual End-Time Prophecy Conference

          July of 1989 marks the date of the first, annual End-Time Prophecy Conference to be held at Faith Confession Tabernacle.  Pastor Bob W. Dinkins and Brother Ezekiel T. Abernathy III collaborated the creation of this annual event to fill the hungry ears and hearts of those desiring to stay abreast of what the Spirit saith to the churches.  The first conference featured Dr. Brother Bob along with Brother Abernathy, Brother Chester Falderal, Brother Jack Von Impstein, and “God’s Megaphone,” Brother John Hagney.  Over 500 persons participated from all over the globe, from as far as South Africa, South Korea, Chile, and the Czech Republic. 

          Today, the five-day End-Time Prophecy Conference, convening the second Monday of every July, is generally attended by roughly 2,000 individuals from all over the world.  Many pastors have commented that it’s a wonderful time for international networking.  Several workshops are offered throughout the five-day conference and the dynamic, nightly Prophecy services feature such well-known names as Brother Barry Blone and Brother Brant Gentry.  Brother Ezekiel T. Abernathy III is commonly the keynote speaker for the conference.  The common reference point among all the speakers is the “Prophetic Timeline” developed by Brother Abernathy through his decades of Biblical Research.  This timeline reveals accounts for all the Biblical and historical components of the full panorama of God’s prophetic calendar.  We highly recommend it as a springboard for each and every student of Biblical prophecy.