Prophetess T.L. Pinkerton, Co-Pastor

          Tamara Pinkerton was saved out of the Satanic stronghold of Wiccan Witchcraft at the first night of the 1982 Bob Dinkins Ministries Healing and Deliverance Crusade in Portland, Oregon.  The second night of the Crusade, she was knocked under the power, healed, and filled with the Holy Ghost as evidenced by her talking in unknown Chinese and an archaic form of Arapaho.  The following Sunday, she was escorted out of a local Baptist church for delivering a hair-raising message in tongues as the minister gave the altar call.  Nevertheless, Sister Pinkerton searched the Salem yellow pages and found a little Pentecostal church affiliated with the Independent Apostolic Church and began flowing freely in a mighty display of the supernatural gifts of healing, workings of miracles, words of knowledge, discerning of spirits, prophecy, tongues, and interpretation of tongues under the spiritual headship of Pastor Leroy Smitherton.

          In the Spring of 1983, Sister Pinkerton received a vision, telling her to re-locate to Burbank, California and join the staff of Faith Confession Tabernacle.  She was welcomed by Dr. Dinkins with open arms and was a mainstay of FCT during the difficult trial from the Enemy that was soon to ensue and over the next six years she continued to edify the church with prophecies, visions, dreams, words of knowledge and wisdom, and revelations of the Lord and was one of Associate Pastor Dick Sutkof’s primary supports.  It was during this time that she started a new, controversial church cell group, called the “Angel-Watchers’ Society.”  Ever since then, AWS has been a thorn in the side of the carnal nature of some spiritual babes and carnal Christians, while also being a source of blessing and faith-building for those seeking a deeper walTL Pinkerton preaching in the Spiritk.

          When Dr. Brother Bob was restored to FCT in January 1989, Sister Pinkerton joined with Brother Bob and Sister S.G.R.W. Jackson in founding the ministerial training organ of FCT, the School of the Sons of the Prophets.  In July, of that year, Dr. Dinkins received a revelation, re-naming Sister Tamara Pinkerton as “Prophetess Tamarijah Lucinda Pinkerton” and identifying her as “God’s Living Urim and Thummim for our generation.”  The lives of countless multitudes of believers have received a Holy-Ghost touch, physical prosperity, and material blessing through the prophetic ministry of Sister Pinkerton.  She continues to be one of the main trainers at the School of the Sons of the Prophets and specializes in assisting others to discern their own special giftings and also to drill through to the artesians of the feema flow.  She has authored eleven books published by Feema Press, including such bestsellers as My Monorail Ride through Hell, The Prophetic Cup of Joseph, The Mazzaroth of the Twelve Tribes, Biblical Color Codes in the Discerning of Spirits, Electrum Frequency between the Cherubim, and The Breastplate Stones as Channels of Power.  She currently co-leads Faith Confession Tabernacle along with Associate Pastor Dick Sutkof and Prophetess S.G.R.W. Jackson.