Prophetess S.G.R.W. Jackson, Co-Pastor

Serintha Gwendolyn Rashonda Wendolyn Jackson, Prophetess Serintha Gwendolyn Jackson was born again and filled with the Holy Ghost under the ministry of Evangelist Brother Kendall Pagan.  In 1986 she received her B.A. in Signs & Wonders from the University of Errol Rothberts, graduating summa cum laude with a minor in Dispensationalist Eschatology.  She re-located to Burbank the following year and began attending Faith Confession Tabernacle under the Associate Pastorship of Brother Dick Sutkof.  In 1988, the Lord led Sister Jackson to found the Jacksonian Institute of Biblical Law, Government & National Prosperity.

On January 22, 1989, now known as “Barnyard Sunday,” Sister Jackson received a revelation of the Holy Ghost with instructions for a new kind of praise, worship, and body-temple fitness called “Holy-Ghost Yoga.”  She established an ongoing cell group in which she instructs others to “shake themselves” as Samson did, and reorder their physical realm through Holy Ghost Yogic manipulation of the spirit realm.  Later in July of that year, Dr. Brother Bob Dinkins gave a prophecy over Sister Jackson, renaming her “Serintha Gwendolyn Rashonda Wendolyn Jackson” and identifying her as a Latter-Day Prophet to be used by God to usher in the invisible coming of Christ to elope with His Bride.  Immediately thereafter, Prophetess Jackson was inducted as a trainer in FCT’s School of the Sons of the Prophets, continuing to bring her own special twist to the “Dancing in the Spirit,” “Dealing with Demons,” and “Slay Line” classes of S.S.P.  She specializes in honing in on and targeting demonic strongholds, especially those related to the sodomitic agenda and the resurgence of the Great Whore of Babylon.  She is currently developing a “Tribulation Survival Kit” to be planted discretely for unsaved loved ones.  The kit includes information and several important tools which will come in handy to those left behind at the rapture, who must then suffer the Seven-Year Tribulation period mentioned in the book of Revelations.

In November of 1989, Sister Jackson received a special unction to administer the Oil of Joy and the Spirit of Laughter and she was called upon to do so in an official capacity at FCT’s weekly Upsurge meetings along with Dr. Brother Bob, Brother Pete Pandian, and Prophetess T.L. Pinkerton.  In 1990, Prophetess Jackson joined with Associate Pastor Dick Sutkof and Prophetess Tamarijah Lucinda Pinkerton in the co-leadership of Faith Confession Tabernacle during Dr. Dinkins’ present sabbatical.

In August of 2000, Sister Jackson prophesied the victory of Brother George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election.  In October of 2004, she again prophesied Brother Bush’s victory in the 2004 election.  Ever since the memorialization of the proposed Menses Amendment in Washington, D.C. by the State Legislature of Ohio in November 2004, Prophetess Jackson has labored unceasingly to promote the adoption of the Menses Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and has delivered numerous tongues and interpretations and also prophecies confirming God’s approval of the Menses Amendment as an important cornerstone of the current, last-days revival preceding the rapture of the Bride.  Prophetess Serintha Gwendolyn Rashonda Wendolyn Jackson continues to manifest a mighty ministry in the Holy Ghost.  She continues to co-lead Faith Confession Tabernacle along with Associate Pastor Dick Sutkof and Prophetess T.L. Pinkerton, and recently prophesied the soon return of Dr. Brother Bob Dinkins from his sabbatical.