Pete Pandian, “God’s Holy-Ghost Bong”

          Brother Pete Pandian traces his spiritual heritage back through the Baptists to the Bogomils of Armenia.  He was saved in an Armenian Baptist church at the age of 14.  In March of 1984, he received a mighty baptism in the Holy Ghost under the ministry of R.W. Ramcox, spoke in perfect  Esperanto and Israeli sign language, and began playing the concertina hitherto unknown to him.  While attending the 1986 Camp Meeting Revival with Brother Kendall Pagan, Pete felt the call to full-time, evangelistic ministry and received confirmation of it from a prophetic word through Sister Claudia Copington.

           As Brother Pandian began his traveling evangelistic ministry, God began to direct his ministry into the area of joy in the Holy Ghost.  He dedicated many hours worshipping on his concertina and doing research into the application of God’s Oil of Joy and began to pray for the Oil of Joy to be released in his ministry.  His prayer was answered at the 1988 Camp Meeting Revival in Little Rock, Arkansas during a service featuring “God’s Bartender,” the world-renowned Barney Bowers the Clown.  Acting in the Spirit as a Fool-for-Christ, Brother Bowers approached Brother Pandian and breathed out a puff of the Shekinah cloud into Brother Pandian’s face who immediately inhaled it, and as he did, the Spirit of Holy-Ghost laughter came bubbling up out of Brother Pandian as God’s Oil of Joy was released all over him in a wave of ecstatic jubilation.

          With the release of the Oil of Joy, Brother Pandian took this new anointing to the evangelistic field.  He began to minister to others by breathing a Shekinah cloud in their face so that they could inhale the Spirit of Holy-Ghost laughter and the results have been truly astounding.  Due to the infectious and unbridled hilarity affecting the recipients, Brother Pandian came to be known as “God’s Holy-Ghost Bong.”  In addition to the administration of the Shekinah cloud, Brother Pandian also began to be led by the Spirit to give folks a rubdown of the Oil of Joy through a tongues-bath and the full application of a prayer covering.  In 1989, Dr. Brother Bob Dinkins requested Brother Pandian to join the staff at Faith Confession Tabernacle to serve as a prophetic teacher in the School of the Sons of the Prophets and Brother Pandian accepted the call.  One of his specialties lies in the area of instrumental worship.

Currently, Brother Pete Pandian serves as one of the principal trainers in the School of the Sons of the Prophets.  He has written three books on the application of the Oil of joy, including his bestseller, The Full Release of Joy, published by Feema Press.  He has also written two books on the inhalation of the Shekinah, Catching the Buzz of the Spirit, and The Chronic Power Hit.  He is available by appointment to administer the Shekinah cloud and the Oil of Joy on an individual basis in a private setting in one of the offices at Faith Confession Tabernacle.  He also co-leads the weekly Upsurge meeting along with Sister T.L. Pinkerton and Sister S.G.R.W. Jackson for the express purpose of getting folks high on the Holy Ghost.