Ophelia Coppernickel, Church Secretary

Sister Coppernickel first gave her heart to the Lord back in 1991 under the ministry of Kenneth and Claudia Copington.  She quickly found a spiritual home at Faith Confession Tabernacle under the ministry of Associate Pastor Dick Sutkof, Co-Pastors S.G.R.W. Jackson, and T.L. Pinkerton.  She began serving in the church office almost immediately after getting saved, working closely with Sheila Peale who was serving as church secretary at that time.  Sister Coppernickel was hired on full-time in 1994, replacing Sheila Peale as the church secretary.

As the School of the Sons of the Prophets has prospered exceedingly under the hand of the Lord, Sister Coppernickel’s responsiblities have increased accordingly and she has continued to step up to the task.  She is a marvelous blessing and a dependable help to the members and staff of the FCT church family and to the student body of the School of the Sons of the Prophets.  She works many long hours in her devotion to Bob Dinkins Ministries.  She was one of the first to graduate from SSP as a certified soul winner and has led over 70 potential SSP students to the Lord over the phone since she got her certificate in 1995.

Sister Coppernickel is the contact person for room reservation for classes and cell groups.  She oversees the Prophecy, Tongues, and Interpretation Church Archives.  She provides information to inquirers regarding FCT, SSP, and other branches of Bob Dinkins Ministries.  Above all, she is a true-blue soul winner for Jesus.