Dr. Brother Bob W. Dinkins, Ph.D.

In season and out of season Pastor Dinkins first came to the Lord back in 1939 at the tender age of four in the hill country of Appalachia.  During his teenage years he fell away from the Lord, delving into the entertainment industry, but he got re-saved in 1956 and was called to the ministry two years later.  In 1961 Brother Bob began a fruitful evangelistic ministry with Evangelist Russell Stiltskin who had his own tent, and the two of them held tent revivals and brush arbor meetings in the backwoods of Arkansas for the next four years.

In 1965, Brother Bob went west and began attending Olivet Bible College in Los Angeles, California.  In 1966, while still in Bible college, he established a small church within the ranks of Pentecostal denominationalism called “Glad Tidings Tabernacle.”  In 1972, he began his radio ministry with “The Hour of Sweet Anointing.”  That year he also received a heavenly vision which has directed the course of hDr. Bob as drawn by Sister Trudy Dinkins "in the unending youth of his spirit-man."is ministry ever since.  Then, in 1976, he launched his TV ministry, also called “The Hour of Sweet Anointing,” a weekly broadcast airing on Sunday mornings.  In 1979, Pastor Bob left the confines of denominationalism and dead religiosity with half the congregation of Glad Tidings Tabernacle and began Faith Confession Tabernacle.  Early in 1980, he received a baptism of joy and began correspondence courses with Weed Heights Bible College and School of the Spirit in Weed Heights, Texas.  Later in the Fall, Brother Bob received his honorary doctorate from Weed Heights Bible College.

When the Enemy set a trap for Dr. Bob in 1983, he was waylaid and out of commission until January of 1989 when the Lord restored him to full-time ministry as Pastor of Faith Confession Tabernacle.  Then on May 30, 1990, Dr. Brother Bob Dinkins received such a visitation of Divine grace that he needed to go on a sabbatical of uncertain duration.  Nevertheless, Dr. Dinkins remains, in the Spirit, the precious pastor of Faith Confession Tabernacle.  In his temporary physical absence, FCT is under the joint sub-leadership of Associate Pastor Dick Sutkof, Prophetess T.L. Pinkerton, and Prophetess S.G.R.W. Jackson.