Associate Pastor Dick Sutkof

Associate Pastor Dick Sutkof                   Associate Pastor Dick Sutkof was saved in Sunday School at a Sanctified Pentecostal Church when he was only three years old.  Ever since that time, Dick became a student of the Word and remained true to God even during his teenage years.  In 1969, he moved with his parents from San Luis Obispo to Burbank and began attending Glad Tidings Tabernacle under the pastorship of Dr. Brother Bob W. Dinkins.  In 1971, Pastor Dinkins appointed Dick as the church’s youth pastor.

           Then in 1979, Brother Sutkof accompanied Pastor Dinkins in his departure from the Sanctified Pentecostal demonination and joined Brother Bob as Associate Pastor in the leadership of this new, non-demoninational work called Faith Confession Tabernacle.  Over the years of Brother Bob’s media ministry, Brother Sutkof appeared twice on “The Hour of Sweet Anointing” of the Dinkins radio ministry and once on Brother Bob’s TV program “The Hour of Sweet Anointing.”

           Throughout the attacks of Satan upon the ministry of Dr. Bob, Brother Sutkof has always remained faithful to Bob Dinkins Ministries.  Even during the vicious attacks of 1983 and the sabbatical years, Brother Sutkof has always stood behind the ministry of Dr. Brother Bob.  In July of 1989, Dr. Bob gave Brother Sutkof a message in tongues and interpretation, affirming his faithful service and praising him for his willingness to spend time on his knees.  Throughout their years of ministry together, Dr. Dinkins has always held Dick in high esteem.

           During the current sabbatical of Dr. Dinkins, Pastor Sutkof is ministering in Pastor Dinkins’ stead and co-leading FCT with Prophetesses T.L. Pinkerton and S.G.R.W. Jackson.  He is currently taking a correspondence course from the University of Errol Rothberts in order to earn his B.A. in Biblical & Pastoral Studies.  Through the gifts of the Holy Ghost, Dr. Dinkins remains the precious pastor of FCT.  Pastor Sutkof continues to see Dr. Dinkins during his sabbatical  and continues to convey, at times, various messages given through Dr. Brother Bob to the faithfully awaiting members of Faith Confession Tabernacle.