Alex Mentis, CEO of Feema Press


Feema Press CEO          As a child, Alex Mentis occasionally attended a Presbyterian church in Portland, Maine with his parents, though he has no recollection of ever having given his heart to Jesus as a child.  In 1971, he received his B.A. in journalism from Harvard.  In 1974, he completed his M.A. in Social Sciences at the University of Chicago and was immediately hired as an associate editor of the New Amsterdamian Post.  In 1978, he became an associate editor of Yale’s journal of cultural phenomenology, Phenomenotrends, and was later elevated to the position of chief editor of the same journal in 1981. 

          In July of 1982, he heard Dr. Bob W. Dinkins preach at a Charismatic Business World Conference and, although remaining steeped in skepticism and unbelief, received a mighty touch from God as Dr. Dinkins ministered to him.  He later held an interview with Dr. Dinkins which was published in the Religion section of the January 1983 issue of Phenomenotrends and received a prophetic word of knowledge from Dr. Dinkins regarding his future association with Bob Dinkins Ministries.

          In March of 1989, Alex was wooed to a saving knowledge of the Lord as he listened to Dr. Dinkin’s preaching on a televised broadcast of the Hour of Sweet Anointing.  That same year, he was hired on as the Editor-in-Chief of Feema Life and Glossarrhea Review.  The following year, Dr. Dinkins requested Alex to edit his autobiography and publish it.  Alex assumed responsibility for the publication of Dr. Dinkin’s memoirs in addition to his role of serving as Editor-in-Chief of the aforementioned publications.  In 1992, a year after the publication of The Confessions of Dr. Dinkins, Alex was promoted to serve as Chief Executive Officer of the now burgeoning Feema Press.  He continues to serve in this capacity and is a primary pillar and major consultant of Bob Dinkins Ministries.